Beat Lynx TH170WD
Beat Lynx
Type Balance Type
Motif Lynx
Blader Johannes
BB No. BB-109
Kanji ビートリンクス TH170WD
Romaji Bīto Rinkusu TH170WD
Arabic {{{arab}}}
Parts Detail
Face Beat Lynx
Clear Wheel Lynx
Metal Wheel Beat Wheel
Track Triple Height 170
Bottom Wide Defense

Beat Lynx is a Beyblade owned by Johannes. It comes as a super rare Beyblade in Random Booster Vol.7.

Face: Beat LynxEdit

Is an important part (Which has the Beat Lynx mark) used to lock the body.

4D Clear Wheel: LynxEdit

A nail shape outside the wheel combines both Attack & Defense power!

Attack 2.5 - Defense 2.5 - Stamina 2

4D Metal Wheel: Beat WheelEdit

By switching the PC Frame 90-degree, it can change for Attack Mode and Defense Mode!

Attack 2.5 - Defense 2.5 - Stamina 2

Track: Triple Height 170Edit

A turn-able Track which can be switched to 170, 195, and 220 according to the situation.

Bottom: Wide DefenseEdit

Wider than "Defense Bottom" that can endure strong attack.

Attack 0 - Defense 5 - Stamina 2