NB904105 1
Type Launcher
BB-No. BB-17

Beylauncher is a most used launcher after the Light Launchers. It uses string to launch the Bey. The handle is like a 2 stick attach together so thinly.


  • BB-17 Iron Grey Beylauncher (Regular release)
  • BB-28/70 Blue Beylauncher (Come with Storm Pegasis/ Galaxy Pegasis Starter)
  • BB-71 Army Green Beylauncher (Come with Ray Unicorno Starter)
  • BB-75 Metallic Orange Beylauncher (Come with Beyblade Deck Entry Set)
  • BB-76 Dark Blue Beylauncher (Come with Galaxy Pegasis DX Set)
  • BB-107 Silver Beylauncher (Come with Big Bang Pegasis DX Set)
  • BB-110 Cosmo Blue Beylauncher (Regular Release)