Counter Escolpio 145D
Counter Escolpio
Type Defense Type
Motif Scorpion
Blader Demure
BB No. BB-86
Kanji カウンターエスコルピオ 145D
Romaji Kauntā Esukorupio 145D
Arabic العقرب المقاتل
Parts Detail
Face Counter Escolpio
Clear Wheel Escolpio
Metal Wheel Counter Wheel
Track 145
Bottom Defense

Counter Escolpio is a Beyblade used by Demure and come with the Beyblade Deck Attack & Defense Set.

Face: Counter EscolpioEdit

Is an important part (Which has the Counter Escolpio mark) used to lock the body.

Clear Wheel: EscolpioEdit

Big Scissors and tail fence off rival's attack and toss rival.

Attack 2 - Defense 4 - Stamina 1

Metal Wheel: Counter WheelEdit

Heavy body of this wheel which took up original "Leone" power bounces rival's attack.

Attack 1 - Defense 4 - Stamina 1

Track: 145Edit

This is high track is so this enables it to smash from upper position.

Bottom: DefenseEdit

When Beyblades is on the verge of spinning, this bottom excels defense and absorbs rival's attack.

Attack 1 - Defense 4 - Stamina 2


  • Cyber Escolpio 145MB/ Balance Type
  • Poison Escolpio 145RF/ Attack Type