Cyber Aquario 105RF
Cyber Aquario
Type Attack Type
Motif Aquarius
Blader Marcus
BB No. BB-86
Kanji サイバーアクアリオ 145RF
Romaji Saibā Akuario 145RF
Arabic الموز العنيد
Parts Detail
Face Cyebr Aquario
Clear Wheel Aquario
Metal Wheel Cyber Wheel
Track 105
Bottom Rubber Flat

Cyber Aquario is a Beyblade owned by Marcus and come with the Beyblade Deck Attack & Defense Set.

Face: Cyber AquarioEdit

Is an important part (Which has the Cyber Aquario mark) used to lock the body.

Clear Wheel: AquarioEdit

This clear wheel attack like a water mass flow to 4 directions.

Attack 4 - Defense 1 - Stamina 2

Metal Wheel: Cyber WheelEdit

This metal wheel which took up the original "Pegasis" power and has 3 wings generates strong attack.

Attack 4 - Defense 1 - Stamina 1

Track: 105Edit

This low track enables to attack from low position.

Bottom: Rubebr FlatEdit

Attack and mobility are incomparably better than others because this bottom is made of rubber.

Attack 6 - Defense 1 - Stamina 0