Diablo Nemesis X:D
Diablo Nemesis
Type Balance Type
Motif Nemesis
Blader Rago
BB No. BB-122
Kanji ヂィアブロネメシス X:D
Romaji Dyaburo Nemesisu X:D
Arabic {{{arab}}}
Parts Detail
Face Diablo Nemesis
Clear Wheel Nemesis
Metal Wheel Diablo Wheel
Track None
Bottom X Drive

Diablo Nemesis is a Beyblade owned by Rago. It cost 59SR in Middle East.

Face: Diablo NemesisEdit

Is an important part (Which has the Diablo Nemesis mark) used to lock the body.

4D Clear Wheel: NemesisEdit

A shape of wings that creates strong centrifugal force, also good for dodging attacks.

Attack 1 - Defense 2 - Stamina 4

4D Metal Wheel: Diablo WheelEdit

Can be switched to Attack Mode, where the Metal Frame is fixed. Also Ultimate Balance Mode, where the Metal Frame is free-spinning!

Attack 3 - Defense 2 - Stamina 2

4D Bottom: X DriveEdit

Can be used to manually pick S or XF. Also be used in Ultimate Balance Mode where automatically switch to S, XF, or S2D.