Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F
Galaxy Pegasis W105 R2F
Type Attack Type
Motif Pegasis
Blader Gingka Hagane
BB No. BB-70
Kanji ギャラクシーペガシス W105R2F
Romaji Gyarakusī Pegashisu W105R2F
Arabic حصان المجرة
Parts Detail
Face Galaxy Pegasis
Clear Wheel Pegasis II
Metal Wheel Galaxy Wheel
Track Wing 105
Bottom Right Rubbery Flat

Galaxy Pegasis is a Beyblade owned by Gingka Hagane. It is the evolution of Storm Pegasis.


Galaxy Pegasis has a great mobility when it is spinning in the right direction because it is equipped with a rubbery bottom specialized for right spin.

Face: Galaxy PegasisEdit

Is an important part (Which has the Galaxy Pegasis mark) used to lock the body

Clear Wheel: Pegasis IIEdit

Upper attacking to the opponent by it's mane and wing.

Attack 5 - Defense 1 - Stamina 1

Metal Wheel: Galaxy WheelEdit

3 big blades produce powerful attack.

Attack 6 - Defense 1 - Stamina 0

Track: Wing 105Edit

This 105 track has a low gravity and that would increase the earth ground power.

Bottom: Right Rubbery FlatEdit

This bottom protuberance which has opposite spinning direction nabs at stadium, so it makes spin faster.

Attack 6 - Defense 1 - Stamina 0


Text written in bold indicates parts from Galaxy Pegasis that could be used.

  • MF Poison Pegasis II 135JB - Balance Type
  • MF Galaxy Pegasis II WA130R2F - Attack Type
  • MF Galaxy Unicorno SW145CS - Balance Type
  • MF-H Fang Pegasis III W105EWD - Balance Type
  • MF Aquario W105CS - Attack Type
  • MF-L Screw Capricorne 85R2F - Attack Type