Grand Ketos T125RS
Grand Ketos T125RS
Type Defense Type
Motif Whale
Blader Sophie
BB No. BB-82
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Arabic الوحس البحر المطوّر
Parts Detail
Face Grand Ketos
Clear Wheel Ketos
Metal Wheel Grand Wheel
Track Tornado 125
Bottom Rubber Sharp

Grand Ketos is a Beyblade owned by Sophie.

Face: Grand KetosEdit

Is an important part (Which has the Grand Ketos mark) used to lock the body.

Clear Wheel: KetosEdit

Attack 2 - Defense 4 - Stamina 1

Metal Wheel: Grand WheelEdit

Attack 2 - Defense 4 - Stamina 1

Track: Tornado 125Edit

Has a good balance in centrifugal force & downforce.

Bottom: Rubber SharpEdit

RS (Rubber Sharp) bottom is made of rubber, so this has a frictional force. Therefore, RS bottom is superior in terms of defense!

Attack 1 - Defense 6 - Stamina 1