Gravity Perseus AD145WD
Gravity Perseus AD145 WD
Type Defense Type
Motif Perseus
Blader Julius Caesar
BB No. BB-80
Kanji グラビティペルセウス AD145WD
Romaji Gurabithi Peruseusu AD145WD
Arabic الدرع الحديدي
Parts Detail
Face Gravity Perseus
Clear Wheel Perseus
Metal Wheel Gravity Wheel
Track Armor Defense 145
Bottom Wide Defense

Gravity Perseus is a Beyblade owned by Julius Caesar.


The first Beyblade which can spin left and right.

2 Patterns for wheel recombination X 2 Patterns for spinning direction switching = 4

The first Beyblade which has 4 patterns

By recombining the clear wheel and the metal wheel, it can change for 2 modes.

Defense ModeEdit

Defense Mode absorbs opponent's attack by projecting Clear Wheel outward.

Counter ModeEdit

Counter Mode bounces off the enemy with being outside the metal wheel.

Face: Gravity PerseusEdit

Is an important part (Which has the Gravity Perseus mark) used to lock the body.

Clear Wheel: PerseusEdit

This is the only LR Clear Wheel for "Gravity" Metal Wheel. This shape is can not only keep off the attack but also bounce off its opponent.

Attack 2 - Defense 5 - Stamina 0

Metal Wheel: Gravity WheelEdit

This Metal Wheel can be used for LR Spin. The bulky armor of the wheel can not only present for the attack but also counter attack to its opponent.

Attack 2 - Defense 5 - Stamina 0

Track: Armor Defense 145Edit

This tack is covered by armor so it is not easy to get damaged.

Bottom: Wide DefenseEdit

Defense bottom is wider than before and this can make the attack stronger.

Attack 0 - Defense 5 - Stamina 2


Text written in bold indicates parts from Gravity Perseus that could be used.

  • MF Gravity Perseus R145RF - Attack Type
  • Pisces AD145RS - Balance Type
  • Earth Libra ED145WD - Defense Type
  • MF Flame Cancer DF145WD - Balance Type
  • MF Meteo L-Drago II 100WD - Stamina Type