Phantom Orion B:D
Phantom Orion
Type Stamina Type
Motif Orion
Blader Chris
BB No. BB-118
Kanji フアントムオリオン B:D
Romaji Fuantomu Orion B:D
Arabic {{{arab}}}
Parts Detail
Face Phantom Orion
Clear Wheel Orion
Metal Wheel Phantom Wheel
Track None
Bottom Bearing Drive

Phantom Orion is a Beyblade owned by Chris. It's price 59 SR in Middle East.

Face: Phantom OrionEdit

Is an important part (Which has the Phantom Orion mark) used to lock the body.

4D Clear Wheel: OrionEdit

While exhibiting a centrifugal force outside the gravity, a fine protrusions can also attack.

Attack 1 - Defense 0 - Stamina 6

4D Metal Wheel: Phantom WheelEdit

By turning the Metal Frame, changing between Attack Mode and Stamina Mode is possible!

Attack 2 - Defense 0 - Stamina 5

4D Bottom: Bearing DriveEdit

Free moving axis bottom reduces friction to 0 as possible!

Attack 0 - Defense 1 - Stamina 6