Pisces DF145BS
Type Stamina Type
Motif Shark
Blader None
BB No. BB-83
Kanji パイシーズ DF145BS
Romaji Paisīzu DF145BS
Arabic حوت المحيط
Parts Detail
Face Pisces
Clear Wheel No
Metal Wheel Pisces
Track Down Force 145
Bottom Ball Sharp

Pisces is a Beyblade released alongside the other 4-Layered beys.

Face: PiscesEdit

Is an important mark (Which has the Pisces mark) used to lock the body.

Wheel: PiscesEdit

This can roll smoothly and silently like a shark with aerodynamic effect.

Attack 1 - Defense 2 - Stamina 4

Track: Down Force 145Edit

4 feathers make down force and connect it to the fround strongly and produce stable rolling.

Bottom: Ball SharpEdit

This Ball Sharp bottom is easy to connect to ground and hard to fall.

Attack 0 - Defense 3 - Stamina 4


Text written in bold indicates parts from Pisces that could be used.

  • Pisces AD145RS - Balance Type
  • MF Flame Cancer DF145WD - Balance Type