Rock Escolpio T125JB
Rock Escolpio
Type Defense Type
Motif Scorpion
Blader Busujima
BB No. BB-65
Kanji ロックエスコルピオ T125JB
Romaji Rokku Esukorupio T125JB
Arabic العقرب الصخري
Parts Detail
Face Rock Escolpio
Clear Wheel Escolpio
Metal Wheel Rock Wheel
Track Tornado 125
Bottom Jog Ball

Rock Escolpio is a Beyblade owned by Busujima.


Stick at stadium! Equipped with "Jog Wide Ball"!

Face: Rock EscolpioEdit

Is an important part (Which has the Rock Escolpio mark) used to lock the body.

Clear Wheel: EscolpioEdit

It has big scissors & tail which sometime can parry the attack and sometime can lift up its opponent.

Attack 2 - Defense 4 - Stamina 1

Metal Wheel: Rock WheelEdit

With a stable based shape that immunizes it against the attack of the opponent.

Attack 1 - Defense 4 - Stamina 2

Track: Tornado 125Edit

Has a good balance in centrifugal force & downforce.

Bottom: Jog BallEdit

Unleveled "Wide Ball"! Stick at the stadium and hard to eject from it.

Attack 2 - Defense 4.5 - Stamina 0.5


Text written in bold indicates parts from Rock Escolpio that could be used.

  • MF Killer Escolpio CH120MS - Balance Type
  • Rock Pegasis WD145FS - Balance Type
  • MF Rock Sagittario WD145WB - Defense Type
  • Rock Aquila T125WB - Defense Type
  • Cyber Escolpio 145MB - Balance Type
  • Poison Escolpio 145RF - Attack Type
  • Burn Serpent GB145JB - Stamina Type
  • MF Poison Pegasis II 135JB - Balance Type