Rock Leone 145WB
Rock Leone
Type Defense Type
Motif Lion
Blader Kyoya Tategmi
BB No. BB-30
Kanji ロックレオーネ145WB
Romaji Rokku Reōne 145WB
Arabic الليث الضاري
Parts Detail
Face Rock Leone
Clear Wheel Leone
Metal Wheel Rock
Track 145
Bottom Wide Ball

Rock Leone 145WB is a Beyblade owned by Kyoya Tategami. Its prices 39SR in Saudi Arabia.


Immunized against strong attack! Equipped with Wide Ball Bottom!!

Face: Rock LeoneEdit

Is an important part (which has the Rock Leone mark) used to lock the body.

Clear Wheel: LeoneEdit

Maintains the parry position and gets attack from any direction.

Attack 1 - Defense 4 - Stamina 2

Metal Wheel: Rock WheelEdit

With a stable based shape that immunizes it against the opponent's attack.

Attack 1 - Defense 4 - Stamina 2

Track: 145Edit

A benefical tall track for smash attack.

Bottom: Wide BallEdit

Since it has a Wide Ball shape, it will endure fierce attacks although it is unstable.

Attack 1 - Defense 5 - Stamina 1


Text written in bold indicates parts from Rock Leone that could be used.

  • Dark Leone CH120RF - Attack Type
  • Storm Wolf D125WB - Defense Type
  • Rock Pegasis WD145FS - Balance Type
  • MF Rock Sagittario WD145WB - Defense Type
  • Rock Aquila T125WB - Defense Type
  • Cyber Escolpio 145MB - Balance Type
  • Poison Escolpio 145RF - Attack Type