Screw Capricorne 90MF
Screw Capricorne 90 MF
Type Attack Type
Motif Capricorn
Blader Dr.Ziggurat
BB No. BB-102
Kanji スクリューカプリコーネ 90MF
Romaji Sukuryū Kapurikōne 90MF
Arabic الجدي المحارب
Parts Detail
Face ٍScrew Capricorne
Clear Wheel Capricorne
Metal Wheel Screw Wheel
Track 90
Bottom Metal Flat

Screw Capricorne is a Beyblade owned by Dr.Ziggurat.


Equipped with the wheel which generates the strongest upper power!

Face: Screw CapricorneEdit

Is an important part (Which has the Screw Capricorne mark) used to lock the body.

Clear Wheel: CapricorneEdit

The wheel generates rapid attack and strong upper attack with its convexes.

Attack 4 - Defense 2 - Stamina 1

Metal Wheel: Screw WheelEdit

The thick curves of three-bladed generates strong upper attack.

Attack 5.5 - Defense 1 - Stamina 0.5

Track: 90Edit

The extremely low track exercises its strength by the remodelling since it is specialized for attack.

Bottom: Metal FlatEdit

This bottom has not only the mobility but also the endurance because this bottom is made up of metal which has low friction.

Attack 5 - Defense 0 - Stamina 2


Text written in bold indicates parts from Screw Capricorne that could be used.

  • MF-L Screw Capricorne 85R2F - Attack Type
  • Earth Capricorne ED145ES - Balance Type
  • MF-H Basalt Horogium 90RF - Attack Type
  • MF-H Scythe Lynx 90RS - Balance Type