Scythe Kronos T125EDS
Scythe Kronos
Type Stamina Type
Motif Grim Reaper
Blader Aguma
BB No. BB-113
Kanji サイズクロノス T125EDS
Romaji Saizu Kuronosu T125EDS
Arabic {{{arab}}}
Parts Detail
Face Scythe Kronos
Clear Wheel Kronos
Metal Wheel Scythe Wheel
Track Tornado 125
Bottom Eternal Defense Sharp

Scythe Kronos is a Beyblade owned by Aguma. It cost 59SR in Middle East.

Face: Scythe KronosEdit

Is an important part (Which has the Scythe Kronos mark) used to lock the body.

4D Clear Wheel: KronosEdit

Equipped with scythe and the ring of saturn-motif which could increase stamina.

Attack 1 - Defense 0 - Stamina 6

4D Metal Wheel: Scythe WheelEdit

It is possible to switch to each mode. Attack mode locks the movement of the PC Frame, while Stamina Mode allow free rotation of the PC Frame.

Attack 2 - Defense 0 - Stamina 5

Track: Tornado 125Edit

Has good balance on its spin & its downforce.

Bottom: Eternal Defense SharpEdit

Free-spinning Sharp axis with the waves like that of Defense.